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Multicolor Lava Bead Bracelet and diffuser

Multicolor Lava Bead Bracelet and diffuser

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Beautiful lava beads. Did you know that lava beads are very porous, and you can drop your favorite essential oil on them and the bracelet acts as a diffuser?? Making it a wonderful way to keep your favorite fragrance with you all day.

Lava stone symbolizes protection, strength & fertility. You could possess the strength, fire, and power contained within the molten lava stones. The balance created between the diffused oils and the elemental powers of fire and earth could help with stability in times of crisis and during challenging times.

8mm same size round beads, Comfortable wearing, flexible but not loose, durable string could wear each day

Each bracelet measures 7.5"

**Comes with small bottle of Lavender essential oil**




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