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This Is Us

I'd like to tell you why we started this store. Actually, it's a couple reasons. Firstly, we had a tragedy in our family 2 1/2 yrs 32 yr old son passed away. His story is in our page called Brandon's Foundation. Because of what happened, I needed to find a way to give back and help the people Brandon said needed it most, the homeless and those suffering from addiction in our county. It's a way to feel better without my son. So I decided to sell the stuff I love...funny stuff. The stuff that Brandon and I would laff so hard about. I mean spit-coffee-out-of-your-mouth laff!!! Which by the way, is just what happened to a woman I was working with on the phone. She was helping me with my website, and when she pulled it up the 1st thing she saw was our famous Willy-Wonka t-shirt. She actually spit her coffee out bcuz she was laffing so hard!! (Hence, the name above ^) We sell funny things to make you, our customer, feel happy. We also sell things that just make you wanna say 'that's so cute!!' Things that other places don't have. One-of-a-kind things. We have custom funny t-shirts​​, mugs & socks​, made just for you. We sell funny novelty items & gifts​​ for all of your people. We're always adding new products & always on the lookout ​for new items. So every time you buy something from us, 15% gets donated  to Brandon's Foundation. We hope you have as much fun shopping​​ in our store, as we have finding our products.
Stop by often, we're so happy to see you!!
And by the way, you look great today :)
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