Handmade just for you

This collection is ONLY made up of handmade items from local artisans. Everything here is made-to-order. Our items are picked very carefully with you & your crazy self in mind. We only pick the best funny, crazy, classy, sassy and smart-assy products for our customers!! 

When you order from this collection, the shipping time will vary from 7-14 days depending on what and how many items you purchase. These items are not in someone's inventory, they are made when you order them. We do make sure they are shipped as quick as possible. We work closely with our creators to get them to you as fast as possible. We'll make sure you get an email when we ship it.


There are no refunds or exchanges on any of these items unless you receive an item that has a flaw in it, like a rip, a stain or something isn't spelled correctly, give us a heads up by email, and we'll take care of it. These products are made specifically for you. :)


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