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"Shopping is supposed to be fun", they say. Here at Lemon & Lime Boutique, it is!!! I have two daughters of different ages, so of course they get to help me with the different styles, because one is 18 going off to college, and one is...let's say 30-something!! hahaha!!

We have women's and teen's clothing, funny handmade t-shirts mugs, novelty items, home decor, gifts for all & lots of accessories and so much more we haven't added yet that we think you will love. Our style is fun & fabulous, classy & sassy & a bit smart-assy!! We are also blessed to have products that are hand-made by a local very talented artisan that comes up with products & designs that are amazing, beautiful & hilarious that you will not find anywhere else!!
Because WE LOVE STUFF!!!

We hope you ❤️ our stuff as much as we do, and have a fun & fab time!! 

Where fun & fabulous meet....

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